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‚ô• Saturday, May 05, 2007
7:54 PM

hmm. How do i start. I'm sort of moving my blog to www.justwhack.wordpress.com. But I won't abandon this blog. I love this blog too. But writings about my life and will be over the other blog. This blog will be kept for the gifts He gave me. In design, and worship. This blog will be an art blog and about giving glory to Him. I'm trying to change it. Oh well. Perhaps you people can give suggestions what to do with it. But rest assured I'm keeping this blog. :)

11:47 AM

I changed my blogskin. It's been a long while since I've done it. Though this one isn't better than the other one. But still. Whatever. I just wanted a new one and a simple one. Simple enough. God colours my world no one can ever do that for me :) It's a very simple truth when I designed this skin. It's all about Him colouring this world of mine. Without God, this life would be so different or rather ruined.

In about a few weeks time, I'm ending my NAFA course. sigh. so sad. But well, there's like another huge project to do. a 8 page brochure to complete. Have not been really putting up what I've done in design class. it's really too busy for me. I can't finish my assignments what more to say that 8 page brochure. I haven't even got a theme for it. I'm contemplating between dance and photography. DANCE PHOTOGRAPHY? It's sounds good but it's not going to be easy. I'll think about it some more.

God has been teaching me something this week. Rather many things. keeping my heart pure from all the evil desires of the world to not do things to gain fame and limelight. That's not what we are here for. Why we are here is to spread His love to His people that He so love. The beautiful and wonderful things He says.

bounced off.

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‚ô• Thursday, May 03, 2007
9:29 AM

It's something i did when I was trying to revamp my blog. Till now, I've not really come out with something that I want. oh well. mind block. I love God most!! He is much more caring than anyone out there especially when I'm sick. :) Thank you God, you're the best :)

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‚ô• Saturday, April 28, 2007
9:10 PM

I'm very burdened. I don't know why. I thank God what U.nat shared about Europe. I thank God for that. It's in the list of nations God gave and asked me to pray. I'm shocked when God said Europe. God you're kidding man. Europe. Pray? Then when U.nat shared I realised why God asked me to be praying for them. I understood it finally. Like finally.

Time and time again He said this' there's a lot of things in the wordl that is happening, you may not know, butI do. But all I want is you to be praying over what I asked you to.' It's reminded again and again. I didn't know what and how to pray. Like for countries I've no idea what they are doing seriously. But a reminder to flip Operation World again. I've got that book somewhere on my shelve.

He answered a prayer on my way home. I thank you Father. I should have thought you abandon me there on my own. But still you sent someone. That's always you God. I was caught in a surprise in my email. Thank you Lord :)

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‚ô• Friday, April 27, 2007
1:40 PM


I looked back. I never wanted to played guitar for worship after a bad experience. A horrid experience and things that happens in worship team just scarred me from going into worship. But God, chose to dig it all out. I stopped playing for a long long while. It's after so long I picked it up. I have no idea where I am going. God will lead and guide me, no worries for me. I finally got out of it. For all I've got, I give it to You. It's you alone, I give my all.

I'm bored. I'm on MC for school today. So bored. No school. But well it's great to have a time of rest. Tomorrow, guess what. It's southern cross. :) Miss my team members. Meeting them tomorrow :)

I've nothing else to say.


‚ô• Thursday, April 26, 2007
12:15 PM

Hebrews 13:1 - Continue to love each other with true Christian love.

In situations, God put you in, God wants us to love one another.It's so hard, sometimes, looking at the things happened and things done. Left me with another impression who the person really is. Perhaps, the person doesn't know what he or she had done. bah. God show me how to love in such circumstances. Break down this invisible wall.

Hebrews 13:13 Let us go out to him outside the camp and bear he disgrace he bore.

This verse popped out while I was doing QT. It's a hear desire to do this. To do what he did, though people looked down on you. Staring at you. Think's whatever you're doing is crazy. I think God is saying, don't be bothered by what others think of you. As long as you are doing what He wants, to share the gospel to do whatever it is. Just dont be bothered by what others say.Jesus bore the disgrace. But will you do it for him?

sigh. I've fallen sick again. boo. it's like coming to the weekend. I'm down with everything. flu, sore throat, headache, fever. Everything. it's kind of bad. Secondly, my ear piece died on me. I just changed a few months ago. sigh. but lesson God trying to teach me. Give thanks in all circumstances. Though you may feel like so angry, why spoil again that kind of thing. God taught me to control. To give thanks like Job did. I'm back to the lesson of Job. I must keep going. though circumstances may not be good, give thanks for all you have. :)


‚ô• Saturday, April 21, 2007
9:53 PM

'Don't be afraid, just trust me.' How delicate God speaks.

Forgive me for my lack of Faith. Not having the faith to believe what I prayed. Perhaps, often I doubt my prayers. But God said, every prayer mattered to Him. Even small ones, short ones. They don't have to be long long ones. Though I may not know the situation or what's happening in the place. I must faith in what I ask God for.

Gifts unfold, when I handed God the key to unlock a door I refused to open for so long. I guess, I was afraid how people looked at me, how bad I would look with a guitar. It's also because of past hurts. I never had the thought that I'll pick it up and play in the midst of people. But God is pestering me again and again. From Thailand till now. It's amazing. Now, I made a commitment to do what He asked me to write songs. From scratch, I'm going to learn. All I know, my first step is to take a psalm and start playing and sing. That's all God said.


‚ô• Wednesday, April 18, 2007
1:14 PM

God told me, I'm going through a phase of training on Saturday. I didn't expect it to be so fast. From monday till now. I've went thru all kinds of things. Obedience to God. What He said, was really clear and I obeyed. I did it. It's through his grace and strength I was able to do it. I realised. Then yesterday, I lost my EZ Link card. I was like God, come on. I don't know what on earth happened. I was like oh crap. What happened. So I was lost, so I went to look for it at the interchange. Because I dropped it on 74. Then, there's so much more. I still went for design class. I'm utterly amazed how I survived. I wouldn't be so strong like tolerated it. I became stronger in God. I gave thanks even though I lost it again. I am the sotong of the sotongs. But I dont care. So I'm going to get a replacement. That's what He said. so I guess get it replaced. Well my learning points, is to be calm when you lose something important. Think who to call what to do. There's nothing as important as doing that. So, in the midst of confusion and frustration I could think what to do. If you know me, I could have went mad. Like what is this. that kind of thing. But God, I'm learning. Like you said you're training. So I am learning from you :)

Give thanks in all circumstances !! I learnt that :)

‚ô• Sunday, April 15, 2007
9:02 PM

new year.new semester. new friends. I'm amazed by His work. Last year in June 2006. God broke me into pieces really pieces. To do things His way and not my way. The reason I broke because I saw souls walking in the wrong direction. I told God somehow, you need to change the hearts of the people I see. I thank God that though it was really long ago. He answered. In a amazing manner. In His time not in ours, but His. I really thank God for using people to speak to talk to me that every prayer you make, make a difference, no matter how small or how short it is. God will answer in His time.

It was worship Jam yesterday, the worship team was ministered by God. It was really long but God is good. Things that were to be said was never left unsaid. God transformed this ministry. His ministry for the people. I guess, God spoke thru people as they prayed for us, again and again. I guess, today I unlocked a door I never wanted to open. Because I'm afraid. so afraid of music. I don't know because I'm whatever you have to say like music idiot. But God chose to me to unlock this door. I've feared even playing for mission trip. I struggled. I'm darn horrible about playing, but God made sure, after I come back, I will still pick up my guitar and play and sing. Whatever he said was quite true. I pick up guitar, because I dont know how to memorise chords so I play and sing my own song to God. But nevertheless, i'll never remember it.

There's so much things God spoke on Saturday and Sunday. It's like a whole lot. I'm to be a good girl and pray. Why? It was stupid of me? I told God for me to pray, it must be quiet. My house aren't quiet at all. So I told God perhaps in the night like 3 or 5 a.m that kind of thing. I realised I've not slept well for a whole week for a gd reason, now I remembered what I told God. I'll be a good girl to be always praying. Nothing more I can do. God loves us. :) I'm really happy.

‚ô• Thursday, April 12, 2007
12:17 PM

there's so much to do. Before school reopens next week. Every Thursday is my free day. But not in the evening like of course!So much to catch up on especially my design assignments. I've 3 left hanging. 6 variations of music and dance to be mounted and 6 Dingbats on an A3 board, typography- the worst. It seems I'm a school kid learning how to write letters. Tracing letters and make sure the spacing is what is required. Being tight, normal or loose. One mistake, you may have to redo it. and that sentence is so long! I'm off! But all these builds a portfolio I need and I thank God for that. I've learnt a lot in design. God's teaching me a lot of stuff. Stuff I need to handle and face if I'm to go into design. Handle my emotions well when things get a bit on the rough patch. But I'm happy :) I finished the recruitment newsletter!! praise God!!


‚ô• Friday, April 06, 2007
10:44 AM

Here's my first superimposed picture on Photoshop. maybe not the first but the most perfect one. Obviously the sea and the wallpaper I did was fake. Anyway, I guess I can share this great news!! Daddy has agreed on getting an IMAC. big time. It's been so long. The process of asking for one. Process of learning this mac is not for my own pleasure but for work and for doing God's work in design. It's really a reminder of not to love the world but God only. I miss Thailand still the most, I want to go back there and do ministry. I love the kids in third world country. I'm sorry people the photos are still uploading in my shutterfly account. I miss my team mates still but it's great we're meeting every 4th sat of the month to pray for the seeds sown :) I've got to start having a consistent prayer life. It's so easy to pray when I'm in Thailand. When I'm back home. It's another story. Probably my 2 irritating sisters , i hope they dont see this. Probably they would, their tech savy as well.
I don't know what more to share about my trip. But here's something. God really make us meet this chinese tourist that we are suppose to meet at 7 to 8. But of course if he doesn't turn up so we'll go for dinner so went off at 7.30 without meeting him. So, we took the taxi, the taxi toured really long to get us to the BIG C place. I dont know why. After ordering our food, everyone has finished eating. There Godiva's food haven't even arrived. No one knows why either. After dinner was strolling looking at stuff to buy for friends and all. I have no idea why it took so long. They shopped every pushcart checking the price, spending a long time but not getting anything in the end. It was seriously really long, then the guys were suppose to get water they went to the supermarket and after abt 10 to 15 mins they came out empty handed and said can't find water. We were like? waste so much time. Then we finally got on to the Songtel (taxi) then when we reached our hotel, then guess what facing us was the tourist we're supposed to meet. I asked Arlene is he the one. Only a Yes. And they went to talk to him already. How God planned everything I'm suprised. Utterly lost of words. This tourist was no ordinary tourist we met. It's God sent. He said if he becomes a christian he wants to be like us to be missionaries to spread the gospel and he don't want to be a 100% christian but a 102% christian. I really hope he accepted christ when he went back to China and I'm quite certain his mum has been praying really hard for him. I can only say God is amazing .

‚ô• Saturday, March 31, 2007
7:23 PM


10 days spent with Godiva, Sinyi, Winniejoy, Daniel, Bilson, Arlene and Martin. Now, I'm not quite used to it without them. Goodness. I've been out for camps and trips never felt like this before. From yesterday when we all parted, I felt a feeling of like so bored.

I thank God for all the 7 of you.

Godiva - dearest roomate, I miss you so much the drama we always have in our rooms doing silly things, trying to set alarm clock always lying in bed for no reason. Well, we love to sleep, we are always the earliest to sleep room :) Thank God for a room mate like her. We both love SLEEP!!

Sinyi - Thank God for team leader!! Always encouraging and guiding the team and leading the team. I guess, I've seen a different side of you. Cool, DG mate !! I'll tell you the rest when I see u in school or somewhere :)

Winniejoy - alright team staff. It's just like one of us. She leads the team and always remind us that we should not complain or argue because we're not on Holiday. Of course, that's not the point, she teaches things we should not do and explain why and a lot more. Now I've seen the other side of her when she do the funny things. :)

Daniel - Assistant Team leader! I thank God for you for bringing Joy to the team and making us laugh like crazy by saying funny stuff. Probably without you, I say 90% I will have a glum face. You are a super fast learner. I didn't really teach you guitar. But yet you picked it up really fast. Dont get a guitar yet, we can go check guitars out someday when you're free.

Bilson - Bil Bil Ah boy. The ah boy in the team. Always thinking deep, always so helpful in the team. I give you a thumbs up!! Logistics was done so well. All the days we have to travel back together as we stay in the west. I see you grow each time. Spiritual Maturity. I praise God for Him changing you so much. :)

Arlene - Hey you! I miss Arlene! 'How are you?' and 'Are you Ok ?' these words are always from you ensuring that we are fine, if not we'll tell you about it. And I thank God for you sharing with me your struggles and all that night. I remember deeply! Because I dont know. But I miss you ! Taking care of me when I had gastric pain on the first night.

Martin- martini!! I missed doing devotions with you around. Because what you share and pray makes the whole team giggle and laugh. The flipping of the bible !! Missed it. And the both of us walking behind guarding the team. Cheerful friend you are!! I see you in Crusade!! alright:)

They are my treasured teammates and I miss them terribly. Goodness.Anyway, whatever it is up there is in no particular order. I've learnt a lot of all of them. I'll share with you people the days when we are there and what we do :)

‚ô• Friday, March 30, 2007
8:39 PM

Back from Thailand. - there are things meant not to be said here. I can share with you ppl as long you ask

Fourth time out for mission. God worked in my life once again. The call to intercede is confirmed and affirmed. In this trip. He told me, to intercede. So when I'm doing lobby ministry, guess what suddenly, tears streamed down my face. It flowed like a river. Pain was dwelling in my heart. So that's the start of interceding. There's so much more to share. I can't blog it all in one post :). Then there's so many things I've learnt there living with my dearest TEAM MATES! I'm missing them already. But well, we'll be meeting again soon to pray for the seeds sowed for the next 6 mths that they will really come to know the Lord. I learnt a lot! From my team mates and from a non believer.

I guess Uncle Yang, winniejoy and arlene met him and shared the gospel to Him. But it's in chinese because He's from China that's the ministry we went there to do. There he is so wise, not like Singapore Kopitiam uncles. This one. I'll try to type Chinese out. Because this lesson is way cool. For once, I started to learn Chinese once again. Which was excellent. No matter how people think or whatsoever Chinese ain't cool or what. Then I can only say I'm sorry you're losing out on something so big.

Uncle D said mission trip isn't one time but a lifetime. It inspired me, that my life I want to lead a life of Christ. To live is Christ, to die is gain. Just like Paul. Whether I get a big car big house doesn't matter let me say this. I don't want a perfect job or a very recognised job in the world. I realised to live a life like Paul is enough. I lost sight of it once, but now I've found back why I live my life for. To reach these unreached peoples in the world. Given a choice, I certainly would have stayed on in Thailand. Reaching the thais and the rest whom God send. I want to go for God again. but for Long period.

I love you Team mates. I cant write anymore. too much. i'll do the days break down in my next post.. and most importantly PHOTOS !! Loads of photos and my dear team, we are seriously drama kings and queens ... look at the videos.

‚ô• Monday, March 19, 2007
2:56 PM

Point of Difference - Hillsong (All of the Above Album)

the tide is turning
this is redemptions hour
in the midst of a world lost for love
You are all we have now
the lost returning
salvation is all around
in the midst of the world broken down
You are all we have now
for You are God and this hope is ours
so Father open the skies
flood the earth with Your light
this is love
to break the world indifferent

our hearts are burning
a fire that won't burn out
in the midst of a world that's grown cold
You are all we have now
the earth resoundingthe anthem of your reknown
as we lift up our eyes
and look to Your glory

call us out
let the world see
You are God
and this hope is ours
so call us out
let the world see
You are God, as we sing

so Father open the skies
flood the earth with Your light
this is love
to break the world indifferent
as we lift up our eyes
fill our hearts with Your fire
in a world of sin we'll be different, the difference

our eyes are open
every chain now broken
in this world
we are different
let Your love become us
as we live to make You famous
in this world we are different

so call us out
let the world see
You are God,
one and only
in this world
You are all we have now

I decided blog abt this song. God been too Good. somehow, I got all the tracks of the all of the above album. Beautiful songs, I was grumbling when I come back surely the album will be out. So God some how make all of it appear :) thank you God. Now I have all of that in my Mp3 player. Ready to set off to Thailand. Though it looks not safe in Thailand. I wouldn't be bothered by those stuff. God is sending us in, so no worries. Anyway. This song touched me as I am about to go for the mission trip to Thailand because I want to do what He says to let His gospel reach many. Flood the earth with your light, this is love to break the world in different. Let the place I'm going be flooded with God's light for this is the love to change the world a different place :) Alright. I'm holding on to Him. sigh. I hate packing. I really hate it.. PACKING LUGGAGE IS TORTUROUS. I'm very sure, when your mum and dad keep asking did you bring this and that and you'll start panicking..Oh well they meant well .I got to go out to get something. I'm off already :)

‚ô• Tuesday, March 13, 2007
12:45 PM

I'm on a hiatus till I come back from Thailand.

‚ô• Thursday, March 08, 2007
2:31 PM

I'm back again. I seemed to stuck in BLOGGING. the bloggers world :/ I shall give everyone an update on my mission trip 20 March to 30 March.

Southern Cross Project.
Support raising. Occured to me for the first time of my life. It's really been a humbling experience for me. :/ It's really trusting God for the funds. But He has proven he is JEHOVAH JIREH. No doubt. There seemed no way how did my funds came in. I printed my newsletter and I passed many out to brothers and sisters in Christ in church. For the first few weeks I received $250. I still got to raise like $500 more. Then support stopped coming in. But God said trust Him. Then everyone started passing me money last sunday.... Then, I hit my faith target which is the amount I need to raise to go for the trip. He is Jehovah Jireh. Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ for your support. Do support me in Prayers. There's still loads more to do. I'll update again about my trip :)

‚ô• Wednesday, March 07, 2007
8:51 PM

My Tree of Prayer

by Wayne Dillard

God gave the gift of prayer to me,
it was like the seed of a great big tree.
I watered it and watched it grow,
not all at once but rather slow.

My tree of prayer then bore some fruit,
and I was glad it had taken root.
But in this joy that came to me,
I forgot to water my precious tree.

It soon was withered and very sick,
It bore no fruit like an old dry stick.
I felt ashamed of what I'd done,
God's gift to me was a special one.

Not only special to me,
you see,but to the others it could have set free.
I went to God to bear my shame,
and show Him the tree that bore His name.

It made Him sad to see me there,
with my withered little tree of prayer.
His sadness caused my heart to cry,
"Forgive me Lord for letting prayer die."

I laid my tree before His face,
and asked Him to pour out His grace.
He answered with His heart of love,
and renewed my tree from His throne above.

Now everyday I take great care,
to water my precious tree of prayer.

- I will hang in there. Because my GOD saves.

3:09 PM

sigh. feeling down before going for mission trip. :/ I feel like a listless soul roaming in the world. I feel really tired. There's so much to do. I seemed to be drowning in water. It seemed that I can't breathe anymore. Now, have it made an u turn back to what I've been like the everyday busy person. I'm really tired. I design because I love it. But I don't want to design just as a person says so. Then it would not be design. :( DESIGN TO EXPRESS NOT TO IMPRESS. I don't want whatever I made to impress but whatever I want to express be in there. Because that is the true meaning of design. I'm tired. I live in a sea of people yet I'm ignoring each person. It seemed that I don't wish to hear from anyone anymore. Silence seemed to be all that I need....

3:09 PM

sigh. feeling down before going for mission trip. :/ I feel like a listless soul roaming in the world. I feel really tired. There's so much to do. I seemed to be drowning in water. It seemed that I can't breathe anymore. Now, have it made an u turn back to what I've been like the everyday busy person. I'm really tired. I design because I love it. But I don't want to design just as a person says so. Then it would not be design. :( DESIGN TO EXPRESS NOT TO IMPRESS. I don't want whatever I made to impress but whatever I want to express be in there. Because that is the true meaning of design. I'm tired. I live in a sea of people yet I'm ignoring each person. It seemed that I don't wish to hear from anyone anymore. Silence seemed to be all that I need....

‚ô• Saturday, March 03, 2007
10:15 PM

loads of things been happening. I roamed town today aimlessly. I don't know what's wrong with me. But I realised, God has always been there for me. Even though spiritual warfare is happening in my family since I'm going for a mission trip :( Granny couldn't walk. Uncle going for an operation next week. Both aunties hurt their hands and now dad cut his finger. I seriously think they are Satan's doing. What worsen the situation was datelines of assignments making me so busy and I seemed to be needed in the house if not what's going happen no one knows. But well, I survived. God is there for me. I am still $300 dollars short for the trip. But God is Jehovah Jireh. Thank you Joshua, I asked God help me raise my support. You said you'll support me. Thank you the 2 Papas in Heaven :)

I read Jonah. I'm running away from God above, but yet He doesn't let go. He is a God does not let go even you have let go. Thank you Jesus. Pray for me against spiritual warfare. One of my team member's granny just fell down. This is really spiritual warfare. Thinking it only happen in the mission trip was a wrong conception.. It happens anytime, because Satan just aren't happy with us as we are going to preach the Good News.

I recalled the verse of my life, that Jesus gave.
Then he said to them all:" if anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up is cross daily and follow me." - Lucke 9:23

Denying yourself and taking up his cross daily and follow Him. Things that I've never done before whether I am curious or something I find it interesting it doesn't matter anymore. Denying oneself, it meant not thinking about the needs of one but for others for people. For God's ministry, that's the people of the world who have yet to recognise God the Saviour.


‚ô• Friday, March 02, 2007
1:10 AM

tired. I seemed to be working in a slum all these while after I started fiddling with design, video and stuff. :/ oh well. I realised Dancing is beautifully made by God. Seriously. So wonderful and beautiful. Really. Some videos caught my eye, and I took a whole night looking to download in proper format. that's me. I was thinking of putting some dance quotes but, I don't want to ruin some stuff. Tonight probably another night of research before another project. seems that my life revolves around media. Sometimes, I get really sick of it. But well, still I love to do all these kinds of things. anyone knows where can I get to watch so you think you can dance videos. I gotta stare at more videos.

This whole evening or rather afternoon till now was spent dealing with videos. went down to FMSS to get the DSA video done. Finally it was close at 1920. Came back researched the whole lot on dance. but that opened my eye. dance is art. design is art. music is art as well. Beautiful God. When all 3 comes together. It's a big piece of art. I shall leave a quote for all dancers of God out there. There are more. But decided to reveal this one.


‚ô• Tuesday, February 27, 2007
1:49 PM

Thank God Thank God

away with the injections. I'm a happy girl. No tetanus nor polio or whatsoever. Only did a blood test today. last night was the commissioning for the wave 1 mission trippers at Foo Chow Methodist Church. It was great. Met up with my team again, discussed abt the usual has a worship and prayer session. Meeting up again next week. Big smile :) I'm really happy for a sister in christ. After asking her dad for more than 9 times if she can go for the mission trip. Which she is flying next week. Her dad finally smsed her a Yes yesterday night. That is how cool my Father in heaven is. :) Some children of God is dying to go on missions but yet faced so much things, but God is still the faithful God who will never disappoints. Preparing my heart for the upcoming mission trip to Thailand. Though Thailand is not really safe. But I don't really bother. We are sent into the land to preach the Gospel. :)

What do we have to keep in mind when we go for Mission Trip :)

1. A Single Mind( of preaching the Gospel to the people)
2. A Submissive Mind ( to put others first, being the servant.) - helping the team members
3. The spiritual Mind ( Putting aside your agenda but takin up God's agenda for us ) :)
4. The Secure mind ( Prayer bring peace and then fath) - worry is the greatest thief of joy. So we must not worry but trust God in Prayer :)

3 more weeks to the trip. Excited. :)

It's challenging. I'm going with people whom I don't really know :) But I'm sure we'll all be History Makers for God.

‚ô• Saturday, February 24, 2007
11:18 PM

took my eyes off the Lord. The problem became bigger than God's face. But, God called me back. He heard all my cries in the nights. Granny not been too good. worried. her heart is not in really good condition. I'm going away on mission trip from 20 March to the 30th March. I'm not afraid or what, just want to spend more time with granny. She took care of me since I'm a baby. I've committed all to God. He's in Control. Support raising for mission trip. I've still got $300 dollars to go. Pray for me people. For this coming mission trip, loads of spiritual warfare. The battle has begun. anyway. I got a letter from Ethopia. :) the kid that me and marcus sponsored sent us a letter. :) Blessed to be a blessing.

I vectored a daisy for a whole day. Don't intend to upload here. I'll do it on deviantart. Drew an angels the past few days. Really cute one. the one that rah claims is a 'Pau' face girl. boo. Anyway. I've decided to upload another illustrated art. I'm more in love with illustration these days.